Clover Insights Examine App

90% of the time not working

This app if it works I will be good app but it never work one week works in a month or two months not working this is ridiculous I wish if I can give it less than one star😡

Update Info

Never update daily info on time .. always I have to call .. sometimes fix it , update infooo Work ... last update 30 days ago

Terrible, no updates to fix

This app used to be great. But then one day it started telling me that our shop was forecasted to make $1 million in sales. I wish! Now it tells me we will make $123 in sales. Just another example of why Clover is a crap product and an absolute waste of money.

Small business Owner

My numbers are never right. I can’t get a customer service member to reply to me. Was a great app until it quit working


Information is never updated. It’s the end of July and data hasn’t been updated since the beginning of May.

Must fix now

Worst app ever! No update almost 1 month This is not first time and they never response this problem. Remove it now

Never updates data

Seems counter intuitive to be called insights and the data never updates. Very frustrated! It’s been 24 days since our last update. Doesn’t help us with our insights!!!😡

Never updates

App hasn’t updated sales in 16days. No response from app chat or emails.

Doesn’t work

Doesn’t work..

Great App in theory but poor execution

If the app would actually update it would be useful. It used to work consistently with a 1-2 day update lag but now its consistently 14+ days lag which starts to make the app worthless. Reaching out to support is as useful as a conversation with drywall.

Love this app when it works

Very helpful app but here we are again. It’s not updated #s since 12/5. That’s a whole week without being able to use the app. No one responds to my request for help.

Lol- They call is an app?

Kicking dirt is better than wasting your time with this,

Terrible app and even worse customer service.

My app almost never updates in real time. My last update was five days ago! I have not received a response from the apps help center or from my email inquiries even though I have tried several times. Terrible service and lousy app!

Really Great Potential, Inconsistent Performance

This app is really fantastic in concept, but fails to deliver reliable, timely, accurate results. Unfortunately, if data is not reliable, timely and/or accurate, it's useless. I have made several attempts to contact the company but have never gotten a reply back.

App is Broken and Has Been for a Year

Simply crap. Was great about a year ago, but they broke it back then and still haven't fixed. Sales data is wrong, features don't work, numbers are inaccurate/unreliable. Way to break an app...what happened you guys run out of ca$h?? Shameful.

"Live Reporting" you wait days for

When this app first came out, it was awesome! Instant reporting and you could hold your finger over the hours and it would tell you the exact $$ made that hour. Now, it typically lags a day or two, if not more, before you can view a days hourly break down and sales, takes forever to load sometimes, and just isn't as efficient as it should be.


I've had this app for months waiting for it to start syncing up right. The design is beautiful and the app would be amazing if clover could get the syncing down. So as of now it is completely useless. Doesn't sync anything. Reports are never right.

Super slow app

This app supposed to be real time sales tracker. But it is updating 20(twenty) hours later

Insight is 0/20

Honestly this app used to work fairly well. I used to get a notice throughout the day if I met my earnings forecast but now it takes days. I cannot slide over the hours of a given day to see what had transpired. The updates and fixes are so incredibly sparse and intermittent that it is ineffective. They should probably consider that businesses use this tool regularly and newer businesses rely on its reporting.

Horrible app

Clover works but reporting is lousy. They keep saying that they're working on the bugs. I'm about fed up. Will probably cancel as soon as renewal comes up. Not the service they promised when they signed us up. Boo hiss!

Horrible App

Lots of issues with this app, don't waste your time and energy to use this app.

Not working

This app not working anymore since December


I get the weekly emailed updates for my business but as of over a year later I cannot log in. Somehow they have completely different info, not my phone number attached, I can't even access the app! I've called customer service so many times with no resolution. What's the point!!??? I guess the weekly email is cool but that's all I will ever see. So I don't even know if the app works well because I can't access my account!!!

Not Insightful

Waited 4 days until my data was imported (app advertises 24 hours). Once I finally got data. Still no data after a week. Contacted customer service via chat on the response.


This would be a great app IF IT WORKED! Data is usually missing or incomplete. Can go weeks at a time with NO sales figures being captured or reported. As a result, I have zero confidence in the data it does (occasionally) display. I'm amazed that such a great POS system has such a pitiful reporting app.

Wonderful features but hasn't updated in 7 days.

Tried reaching out to customer service. No response. How have these bugs not yet been fixed? They're big ones. Is anyone reading these reviews?

Please fix delay issues

I have inquired for 4 months about the sporadic loading of data for our multiple accounts. Nothing has changed some accounts haven't updated in 2 months and other 15 days?? Is this normal if so not effective.

Love the industry comparison

This app is very useplful to help us keep up with our business and find our how we are doing vs the competition.

Good for checking out local competition!

Nice, simple graphs. Downloaded this to check out how my business is doing compared with similar businesses in my area. Thinking about using more features to see what other information is provided....

Very interesting

Really interesting data! Can't wait to play around with it more. Can't believe the change in juice shop sales from summer leading into fall.

Worst App

This App has to be one of the worst I rely on the app to give me updates when I am away from my business but it can take more than a day to update the data it has so many issues and at times data does not load at all I am currently waiting 28hrs for data to update and customer service forget it. Love clover system but not the app don't bother

Simply Awful

It's been 6 months of same issues. Incorrect sales figures, showing sales processed at times my shop is not open. I've tried being patient & explaining the issues several times but typically met w "we're looking into it" & then no follow up. Last time they said that my "timezone seems incorrect." That was the end for me. There's really no point to having the app if their figures are incorrect & that has been the case but they have been "looking into it", since April.

Not up to speed

This app is not real time. It normally takes 2-3 days to get sales information. Sometimes you don't get it at all. It seems this could be easily fixed because if it was faster with data and accurate, it would be helpful and earned a better rating. I do have to say the customer service folks are quick and helpful, I wish the was as well.

Does Not Work

App will not load despite multiple installation attempts, displays blank blue screen.

Dumbest app

Worse app ever. Can't get past a blue screen. Biggest waste of space and pointless app, I've ever used.

App doesn't work

This app doesn't work, at all. It's never once loaded for me to anything other then a blue screen. 👎🏻

Where did my data go?

With the most recent update, all of our historic data has disappeared. Utterly useless now.

Zero Stars

Terrible app, terrible customer service. Sometimes it takes 16 hours to update. I get plenty of emails and messages to get me to purchase options, but haven't had any resolution. Today all of my data disappeared except yesterday... lol if I ever see that data again I will be shocked.

Listen to your feedback

A decent app that could be really helpful but at the moment is pretty useless. They are constantly looking for user feedback and every time I explain that not every business's week starts on Sunday. Ours starts on Monday and if we can't change that most of the forecasting tools are useless.

Works as it describes

It works as it is described. I prefer the weekly reports on Mondays. Friday's are too busy, although, Sunday would be kinda nice to see a preview of the previous week, and how we did on c/c sales.

This update froze the whole app . I can not open , delete it.

This update froze the whole app . I can not open , delete it. It's stuck in limbo !

Industry data

The best thing about the app is the industry data. It's so cool.


Don't these companies check to make sure these apps work before putting them out there? All you get is a blue screen after logging in. I tried downloading the app twice and same end result. Terrible.

Awesome Business Insights

This app is great and lets me see how my revenue compares each week. Love being able to keep track of returning customers, and especially comparing myself to similar businesses. The cohort feature is really cool, too.

Blue screen

All you get it a blue screen after you log on. Fix it and I'll change my review


Just like other reviews. Couldn't even get past sign up. Will be watching my account to make sure they aren't misusing the information I could type in. Don't think I'll be downloading again either 😒

Will not start

Just a blue screen after login


Have never gotten past "sign up." All it does it crash. Don't waste your time.

Just what we needed

Easy to use and the and all the information a retailer needs at their fingertips

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